Interactivity and the Expanding Role of the Teacher

Interactivity and the Expanding Role of the Teacher

Why do we need teachers? If we have the books available to us, if all the knowledge is at hand, then what is the purpose of the teacher? As far as we see it, there are two main reasons for the existence of a teacher: to explain, clarify and summarise the knowledge that is being imparted, and to discipline the class. But the digital transformation is changing all this.

Classroom Interactivity

One word that sums up the revolution that is taking place in the classroom is ‘interactivity’. Some educators fear it, others embrace it, but whatever your opinion of it is, the fact remains that that it is here, and it looks like it is here to stay.

So how does interactivity change the role of the teacher?

Classroom Interactivity - Interactive Flat Screens Ireland

Instant Access To Information In The Classroom

Because of the internet, pupils now have instant access to any information they need, including information that clarifies, explains and summarises what they are learning. They no longer defer to the teacher as they have all the knowledge in the world at their fingertips.

Interactive Games & Fun Learning

Interactivity is also helping to discipline the class. Namely, through interactive games and fun learning. By making lessons more playful and engaging, discipline problems and issues are reduced considerably. Most discipline problems arise from boredom. This is obviated by interactivity, especially the interactive touch screen.

So, where does that leave us? What role will the teacher have in the future classroom?

The Advent of ICT in the Classroom

Probably the main purpose of the teacher will be to focus the class. With so much information available instantly to the pupil, it is easy to get distracted. Indeed, focusing the class has always been one of the roles of the teacher but with the advent of ICT in the classroom, it is now needed more than ever. With learners becoming more self-sufficient, the teacher is freed up to spend more time with individual pupils, be they those who are gifted or those that have learning difficulties. The role of the teacher might be expanded to psychologist and guidance counsellor.

The Interactive Flatscreen

The advent of interactive technology, such as the interactive flat screen, needn’t be feared by educators. With so much going on the world and access to it being instant, the teacher is needed now more than ever before, to help make sense of it. And, as education becomes more learner centric, they must spend a great a deal of time mentoring individual students. Things change. We are living in a period of dramatic change, the pace of which is unprecedented in human history. But there will always be a need for a teacher, master, mentor…whatever you want to call the role, in all aspects of society.

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Interactive Flatscreen Solutions for Schools

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