• What's Happening At A Grass Roots Level - Interactive Flat Screens

    The Interactive Flatscreen – What’s Happening At A Grass Roots Level?

    The Interactive Flat Screen used to be the future of learning in the classroom. Not anymore. These days it is fast becoming the present. This powerful touch monitor has arrived and is making life easier and more interesting for teachers and pupils in schools across Ireland. Instead of predicting the changes this powerful tool will have in the way children are educated, let’s look at the difference it is making to schools today. Just what…

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  • Interactive Flatscreens Ireland

    ICT & Constructivism: The Building Blocks of Learning in The 21st Century

    Many schools and educators are adopting a ‘constructivist’ approach to teaching. This is closely tied in to the embedding of ICT in the learning framework at primary and post primary level. Progressive Education & ICT For those of you who don’t know, constructivist teaching methods are based on constructivist learning theory which was conceived and developed by two major thinkers: Jean Piaget and John Dewey. These philosophers were very influential in the development of progressive,…

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  • Interactive Flatscreen and the Internet - Clevertouch Screens

    Interactive Flat Screens and the Internet

    The internet is radically changing education at all levels around the globe. It’s here so you may as well embrace it! The Clevertouch Interactive Flat Screen gives instant access to the internet so your students can avail of the many education benefits it has to offer. Benefits of Having The Internet In The Classroom Here are just some of the benefits of having the internet in the classroom. Wikipedia: This online encyclopaedia is fast becoming…

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  • Mobile Devices in the Classroom - Interactive Flat Screens

    Mobile Devices in The Classroom – Embracing The Revolution

    A revolution in the classroom is underway. Learning is becoming increasingly learner centred and differentiated. Like it or not, the old pedagogical model is being replaced by a blended approach which allows the pupil greater freedom in choosing what they want to learn and to do it at their own pace. Mobile Devices In The Classroom The advent of mobile devices such as iPads and tablets has opened up exciting new possibilities for education. Many…

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  • Dumbing Down - ICT and The Future Of Education

    Dumbing Down? ICT and The Future Of Education

    A lot of educators would argue that introducing ICT into the classroom is part of a general dumbing down of learning in the world today. How is this so? Well, putting iPads and tablets in the hands of pupils makes learning more pupil centred and it also makes learning more fun. Many educators would argue that teaching should be about giving pupils what they need and not what they want and that putting learning in…

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  • ICT & The Classics - What Would Odysseus Do

    ICT & The Classics – What Would Odysseus Do?

    How can ICT in the classroom help the Classics to survive? The Worlds of Ancient Greece & Rome We owe so much to the Classical civilisations. For hundreds of years learning Ancient Greek or Latin was essential for an education and it was through these languages that students encountered the worlds of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. These days the Classics are neglected at all levels of education. This is a pity as we have…

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  • Imagination and ICT - Prometheus Unbound - Interactive Flactscreens

    Imagination and ICT: Prometheus Unbound

    The progress of humankind depends on imagination. All the great scientific and artistic achievements of humanity are largely due to the imagination. Einstein said that, in order to come up with his theory of relativity, he had to think like a child again. In other words, use his imagination. It’s true that children have a richer imaginative life than us adults. This is because we have been taught to suppress our imagination as we get…

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  • ICT & The Art of Teaching - Interactive Flat Screens Ireland

    ICT & The Art of Teaching – The Catcher in the Rye

    There are good teachers and there are bad teachers. A bad teacher will treat what he does as a job and nothing more. A good teacher will recognise the importance of the role he plays in society and will try to fulfil that role in earnest. Then there are gifted teachers. They treat what they do as an art. They are born with a gift and they know their calling when they hear it, or,…

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  • interactive-games-learning-clevertouch-learning-apps

    Interactive Games & Learning

    These days the line between work and play in the classroom is becoming blurred. It has been proven that children learn better and faster when learning is associated with play. As a result, many interactive games are found in learning apps. Interactive Learning is More Effective Interactive learning is more effective than traditional, ‘one way’ passive learning as the interaction makes the experience more pleasurable and memorable. Children love games and learning through them is…

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  • ippn-education-expo-2017-interactive-flat-sceens

    IPPN Education Expo 2017 – See You There!

    IPPN’s Education Expo is Ireland’s largest trade event for the education sector bringing together more than 125 companies and 1,200 primary school principals and teachers from primary and second-level over 2 days. Education Expo is a component of IPPN’s Annual Principals’ Conference taking place adjacent to the conference auditorium in Citywest Convention Centre. This year the event takes place on Thursday & Friday 26th & 27th January 2017. IPPN Education Expo 2017 – We’ll Be…

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