• Clevertouch Impact Series Gen 2 - Interactive Flatscreen

    Clevertouch Impact Series Gen 2

    As a new school year approaches we’re delighted to showcase a brand new iteration of the Clevertouch Impact series, the Gen 2. Packed full of new features and upgrades now is the time to take advantage of those quiet times in your classrooms to upgrade your teaching setup with award winning interactive flat screens. Here we’d like to highlight some of the features of the Clevertouch Impact Gen 2 interactive flat screens but also the…

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  • Research into Interactive Flatscreens in Classroom

    The Research Behind Using Interactive Flatscreens In The Classroom

    Recent years has shown a paradigm shift in the pedagogical approach in teaching and learning techniques. The introduction of technology, and specifically interactive flat screens, in the classroom has seen a rise in student participation in classrooms across the world. Peer reviewed research across the UK, Ireland and the US backs up the idea that technology is more beneficial than a hindrance to both teachers and students. Importance of Being ICT Literate Interactive flat screens…

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  • How Clevertouch - Floating Widget - Interactive Flatscreen Schools - Ireland

    How To Clevertouch – Clevertouch Floating Widget

    Our aim is to provide the best service and cater to the individual needs. We rely on our relationship with clients to build that trust that has seen us gain over 50 years in the field. We try to offer the best service in the industry and with that we have created How to Clevertouch Guides to show off the features of our Clevertouch range so clients and potential clients can see for themselves the…

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  • How Clevertouch - Whiteboard App - Interactive Flatscreen Schools - Ireland

    How To Clevertouch – Clevertouch Whiteboard App

    Continuing on with our How to Guides for the Clevertouch range we here at Toomey AV wanted to cover the flexibility you will have at your fingertips, literally, with the Whiteboard App on our Clevertouch panels. How To Use The Whiteboard App The Clevertouch panels boast a large variety of features and some of those features themselves boast an array of tools for an easy experience for the user. Below are some of the features…

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  • How Clevertouch - Connect a Visualiser - Interactive Flatscreen Schools - Ireland

    How To Clevertouch – Connecting A Visualiser

    As we continue with our handy guides to help people navigate their Clevertouch panels another of our aims was to help those that haven’t yet decided to take the Clevertouch plunge. We at IFS hope with our How to Guides those interested will see how flexible and vast the applications can be with the Clevertouch range. Today, our focus is on how to connect a visualiser. Not only connection tips but also how to navigate…

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  • How Clevertouch Active Files Apps - Interactive Flatscreen Schools - Ireland

    How To Clevertouch – Active & Files Apps

    If the pandemic taught us anything it’s how to adapt. That couldn’t be truer for teachers and students alike. Teachers found it a struggle to conduct lessons on video calls. Seeing their students and the lesson plans proved tricky. This is where screen sharing or dual screens came in handy for them. Across the globe government programs, especially in the US, allowed for teachers to apply for grants to buy software or extra monitors to…

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  • Interactive Flatscreens Ireland

    How To Clevertouch – Connecting Your Laptop

    The Clevertouch range boasts an array of features for ease of use. With a smooth design and interface the Clevertouch panel transitions smoothly between its user interface and any additional devices you may wish to connect. One of those features is the connectivity between laptop and Clevertouch panel. How To Connect a Laptop to Clevertouch Connecting a laptop shouldn’t be a slog to get through and constant troubleshooting problems. With our Clevertouch range that isn’t…

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  • How to Clevertouch - Cleverstore and Web Browser - IFS Ireland

    How To Clevertouch – Cleverstore & Web Browser

    The future is here. The Clevertouch range has brought the classroom into the modern world. No longer are chalk boards the staple of a classroom. With schools and teachers bringing a pedagogical approach to lessons the integration of technology has been crucial in seeing the approach as successful. With our How to Guides we want to showcase the vast options classrooms have at their fingertips with the Clevertouch panels. How To Use The Cleverstore Firstly,…

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  • How to Clevertouch - Video Guide to Clevertouch - Interactive Flatscreens Ireland

    How To Clevertouch – Video Guide to Clevertouch

    We here at IFS we are dedicated to providing an excellent service throughout a products life for our clients. Our contact doesn’t end at the point of sale and we are always on hand for help, advice and AV maintenance. With this in mind, we wanted to create a variety of posts with How to Guides for our Clevertouch interactive flat screen range. They couldn’t be easier or more fluid to use and we want…

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  • EPSON Projector Dealer Ireland 2020 - Interactive Flatscreen

    EPSON Projector Dealer Ireland 2020 – Winners!

    It is with immense pleasure that we announce our parent company Toomey Audio Visual has won the prestigious EPSON Project Dealer Ireland 2020 award. A Proud Moment In what is possibly the hardest year in recent memory for many of us around the globe in 2020 it is an even prouder moment to know the hard work we’ve been putting in behind the scenes to help as many schools as possible to realise their digital…

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