• IPPN Conference and Expo 2020 - Interactive Flatscreens

    The Annual IPPN Conference and Expo 2020 – Shared Vision

    Here at IFS.ie, we are anticipating with great pleasure the annual IPPN conference and Expo which is coming up on the 23rd and 24th of January in Dublin. Not only do we get to show off our latest products, we get to meet face to face with people who are in the same business as us, for the same reason: the improvement of ICT for schools and the empowerment of school leaders in schools across…

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  • Maxell Projectors - Interactive Flatscreens - Ireland

    Maxell Projectors – Still Beaming!

    Who remembers the old Maxell cassette tapes? How easy it was to get them tangled? How forwarding and rewinding them took ages? Well, it seems that Maxell has come a long way. It is now in the projector business and is having a lot of success with it after their acquisition of Hitachi projectors. Whilst we primarily cover interactive flatscreen related news given that we are suppliers to schools for the whole range of the…

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  • M-Touch Interactive Flat Screen Schools - Ireland

    The M-Touch Interactive Flat Screen – Excellent and Affordable

    Here at IFS.ie, we talk a lot about interactive flat screens. This is to be expected as it is our business, after-all. The screens that we talk a lot about are the Clevertouch and the Promethean Activpanel. But there is another brand, somewhat of a dark horse, that we haven’t talked much about. Until now. That brand is the M-Touch. The M-Touch Flat Panel Is Feature Rich & Affordable The M-Touch flat panel is feature…

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  • AV Equipment for Dept of Education New School Building - Interactive Flatscreen - Dublin

    AV Equipment for Dept of Education New School Builds

    Our parent company, Toomey AV is the leading provider of AV equipment for Dept. of Education new school builds and extensions. Building and electrical contractors are awarded contracts and they then turn to us for excellent AV consultancy, knowing that our team will deliver on performance, specification and budget. Our experience and knowledge of interactive flat screens is also a key element in what makes us one of the top AV consultancy firms for schools.…

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  • The Clevertouch V Series and Plus Series Apps

    The Clevertouch V Series and Plus Series: Apps to Amaze!

    The apps that come with both the V series and Plus series of the Clevertouch Interactive Flat Screen are truly awesome. These apps allow you to do pretty much anything you want in an educational context. Some of them you may never use but it is reassuring to know they are there for you, should the need arise. Clevertouch Range of Apps With this in mind, let’s take a fresh look at the impressive range…

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  • Interactivity and the Expanding Role of the Teacher

    Interactivity and the Expanding Role of the Teacher

    Why do we need teachers? If we have the books available to us, if all the knowledge is at hand, then what is the purpose of the teacher? As far as we see it, there are two main reasons for the existence of a teacher: to explain, clarify and summarise the knowledge that is being imparted, and to discipline the class. But the digital transformation is changing all this. Classroom Interactivity One word that sums…

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  • Flatscreen Mounting Options and Trollies - Interactive Flatscreens Ireland

    Flatscreen Mounting Options and Trollies

    Flatscreens, whether standard or an interactive flatscreen, account for a substantial investment on your behalf. As a result of the investment size it is worth considering how the flatscreen will be used and whether it needs to be fixed or mobile. Depending on your requirements there is a wide range of flatscreen mounting options and trollies to choose from. In this post we’ll highlight some of the most popular mounting options and trollies for your…

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  • Is the Interactive Flat Screen Dumbing Down Learning - ICT Ireland

    Is the Interactive Flat Screen Dumbing Down Learning?

    Many people hold the view that education has been dumbed down over the last century or so. They also believe that the advent of ICT in the classroom is accelerating the dumbing down process. While we are no educators, we’ve learned a thing or two about the power and beauty of the interactive flat screen – enough to be able to defend it against these arguments. The Argument Against The Interactive Flat Screen The argument…

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  • Visit Our Clevertouch at Office Expo 2019 - RDS - Interactive Flat Screens Ireland

    Visit Our Clevertouch Exhibit at Office Expo

    Toomey AV is pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at the Tech Connect Live Expo in the RDS on May 30th. We will be setting up our stall at the Office Expo, the largest event dedicated to the office sector in Ireland. With over 100 exhibitions and 50 talks, the Office Expo promises to be a great event with plenty of opportunities to network and buy. The best in furniture and interior, IT…

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  • Clevertouch Interactive Flatscreen for Primary Schools

    Clevertouch Interactive Flat Screens for Primary Schools

    The Clevertouch interactive flat screen is by far the best flat screen on the market today. In primary schools across the country, pupils are benefiting from the incredible power and versatility of the Clevertouch device. We are proud of the fact that many of these schools turned to us for advice and guidance regarding the touch screen, before buying from us as well. What Is So Great About the Clevertouch So, what is so great…

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