• Is the Interactive Flat Screen Dumbing Down Learning - ICT Ireland

    Is the Interactive Flat Screen Dumbing Down Learning?

    Many people hold the view that education has been dumbed down over the last century or so. They also believe that the advent of ICT in the classroom is accelerating the dumbing down process. While we are no educators, we’ve learned a thing or two about the power and beauty of the interactive flat screen – enough to be able to defend it against these arguments. The Argument Against The Interactive Flat Screen The argument…

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  • Visit Our Clevertouch at Office Expo 2019 - RDS - Interactive Flat Screens Ireland

    Visit Our Clevertouch Exhibit at Office Expo

    Toomey AV is pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at the Tech Connect Live Expo in the RDS on May 30th. We will be setting up our stall at the Office Expo, the largest event dedicated to the office sector in Ireland. With over 100 exhibitions and 50 talks, the Office Expo promises to be a great event with plenty of opportunities to network and buy. The best in furniture and interior, IT…

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  • Clevertouch Interactive Flatscreen for Primary Schools

    Clevertouch Interactive Flat Screens for Primary Schools

    The Clevertouch interactive flat screen is by far the best flat screen on the market today. In primary schools across the country, pupils are benefiting from the incredible power and versatility of the Clevertouch device. We are proud of the fact that many of these schools turned to us for advice and guidance regarding the touch screen, before buying from us as well. What Is So Great About the Clevertouch So, what is so great…

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  • Digital Strategy for Schools - 50 million ICT Grants - Interactive Flat Screens Ireland

    Digital Strategy for Schools – €50 Million Available in ICT Grants

    On the 4th of March, government Minister for Education and Skills, Joe McHugh T.D., announced a third year of funding under Project Ireland 2040. €50 million will be made available to support the embedding of ICT infrastructure in primary and post primary schools across the country. This takes the total spend on the digital strategy for schools ICT Infrastructure Fund to €110 million. Digital Strategy for Schools Grants The Digital Strategy for Schools will allow…

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  • CleverTouch Interactive Flat Screen - The Original and Best

    CleverTouch Interactive Flat Screen: The Original and Best

    CleverTouch – Worth The Investment There are many different makes and models of interactive flat screens on the market, but CleverTouch is still king. It is the original and best touch screen. It might cost a little more than other brands, but you’ll soon find out where the money went if you choose to invest in one. The Latest in Touchscreen Technology CleverTouch is constantly developing its products so that if you buy one you…

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  • Toomey AV Exhibits at IPPN Conference 2019

    Toomey AV Exhibits at the 2019 IPPN Principals Conference

    Here at IFS.ie we are excited about the upcoming IPPN principals conference that takes place at the City West Convention Centre. Over two days – the 24th and 25th of January – the largest trade event for Irish schools, the Education Expo, will take place and our parent company, Toomey AV, is proud to be exhibiting at it. The expo brings together over 130 companies and the 1200 principals who attend the annual principal’s conference…

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  • Large Mobile Interactive Screens for PE Departments Ireland

    Large Mobile Interactive Screens for PE Departments

    The importance of interactive technology for PE class in educational institutions should not be underestimated. Physical education is concerned with the human body and how to look after it, especially through sports and other physical exercises. There are so many lessons and videos out there about the human body and how to maintain it, that an interactive touch screen will make life a lot easier for the PE teacher / instructor. Mobility Is A Factor…

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  • Low Cost Flatscreens for Schools - Hitachi and M-Touch - Interactive Flat Screens Ireland

    Low Cost Flatscreens for Schools: Affordable Excellence

    Unlike many businesses, most schools don’t have a lot of money to be throwing about. They must be careful about what they choose to buy and invest in. If you are running a school and you are interested in buying an interactive flatscreen, there are a couple of affordable options for you. The Hitachi HIT-FHD6516 Touch and the M-Touch 4k touch screen monitors are both high performing but less expensive screens than the Clevertouch range…

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  • Grant Scheme for Digital PE Equipment -Interactive Flatscreens

    Grant Scheme for Digital PE Equipment

    Special Grant for Digital Devices in PE Classes On the 23rd of July this year, the minister for education and skills, Richard Bruton, announced a total of €450,000 in grants for 104 post primary schools to support them in the introduction of Computer Science and PE as Leaving Cert. subjects. Schools offering PE will receive a grant for purchasing digital devices, which students will use for completing course assessment components, as well as hardware for…

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  • How ICT Helps Different Approaches to Learning - Interactive Flat Screens

    How ICT Helps Different Approaches to Learning

    ICT Has A Major Role to Play in Today’s Classroom Learning is a beautiful, joyful thing. There are many different models and approaches to learning and none of them are completely, exclusively right. This is part of the joy of learning: there are many ways to do it. It is as true in the classroom as it is anywhere else. Many teachers use a ‘rotating’ approach to learning which basically means allowing learning to happen…

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