• Clevertouch As Simple As A Smartphone - Interactive Flat Screens Ireland

    Clevertouch – As Simple As A Smartphone

    The brand-new LUX user interface makes the Clevertouch a beautiful and intuitive experience through an expertly designed touch interface familiar to any owner of a modern smartphone or tablet. The interface has been designed to give you a quicker, simpler, smoother experience. No one wants to press ten buttons to open an app or connect to their laptop. With LUX, all of your everyday tasks are just one-touch away. The Clevertouch is by far the…

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  • ICT and Pedagogy - Interactive Flat Screens

    The More Things Change…ICT and Pedagogy

    There can be no doubt ICT is changing the classroom. It facilitates a more learner centred approach to education. It helps pupils to associate learning with play. It frees up the teacher to spend more time with individual learners. However, it’s true what they say: the more things change, the more they stay the same. Here are some aspects of education that ICT hasn’t changed. Interactive Panels, Chalk Boards & Pedagogy In the beginning was…

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  • Promethean V4 Interactive Flatscreen Panels - Interactive Flatscreens Ireland

    Promethean V4 Interactive Flatscreen Panels

    Full HD and 4K Ultra HD interactive flat panels powered by Prometheans’ Android™ processor revolutionize the modern classroom by creating a connected and collaborative learning environment. Promethean V4 Interactive Flat Screen Panels The ActivPanel is a fully connected interactive display that provides tablet-like functionality for the classroom. Teachers and students can interact with content, simultaneously write and draw, and connect mobile devices to mirror content and collaborate. Teachers can wirelessly share their lessons, easily access…

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  • How ICT can Safeguard Against the Bad Teacher - Interactive Panels for Schools

    How ICT can Safeguard Against the Bad Teacher

    There are some very good, talented teachers out there. They love what they do. They will try hard to impart knowledge to their pupils. They are happy to learn from their pupils – education is a dialogue for them – and they also enjoy working with pupils on an individual basis. However, there are some poor teachers out there too. They have no love for what they do. Education is a one- way process and…

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  • ICT in the Classroom - Cloud Computing with Interactive Panels

    ICT in the Classroom: Cloud Computing & Interactive Panels

    How do cloud based tools and applications help schools to achieve learning objectives? How do they aid pupil centred learning while helping to maintain traditional pedagogic practices? How can you decide if the cloud model is for you or not? Cloud Computing – Get On The Same Page Before answering these questions, we must first ask, what is cloud computing? Cloud computing is basically web based computing which facilitates the sharing of information across many…

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  • ICT & Interactive Panels Have Become The Norm - ICT in schools

    ICT & Interactive Panels Have Become The Norm!

    It’s an exciting time to be a teacher, and even more so a pupil. The information age is well and truly here and ICT such as the interactive panel has become the norm for schools everywhere. Gone are the days when children knew more about the devices they were using than the teacher. The old anxiety and fears about using ICT in the classroom are becoming a thing of the past. It is now generally…

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  • What's Happening At A Grass Roots Level - Interactive Flat Screens

    The Interactive Flatscreen – What’s Happening At A Grass Roots Level?

    The Interactive Flat Screen used to be the future of learning in the classroom. Not anymore. These days it is fast becoming the present. This powerful touch monitor has arrived and is making life easier and more interesting for teachers and pupils in schools across Ireland. Instead of predicting the changes this powerful tool will have in the way children are educated, let’s look at the difference it is making to schools today. Just what…

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  • Interactive Flatscreens Ireland

    ICT & Constructivism: The Building Blocks of Learning in The 21st Century

    Many schools and educators are adopting a ‘constructivist’ approach to teaching. This is closely tied in to the embedding of ICT in the learning framework at primary and post primary level. Progressive Education & ICT For those of you who don’t know, constructivist teaching methods are based on constructivist learning theory which was conceived and developed by two major thinkers: Jean Piaget and John Dewey. These philosophers were very influential in the development of progressive,…

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  • Interactive Flatscreen and the Internet - Clevertouch Screens

    Interactive Flat Screens and the Internet

    The internet is radically changing education at all levels around the globe. It’s here so you may as well embrace it! The Clevertouch Interactive Flat Screen gives instant access to the internet so your students can avail of the many education benefits it has to offer. Benefits of Having The Internet In The Classroom Here are just some of the benefits of having the internet in the classroom. Wikipedia: This online encyclopaedia is fast becoming…

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  • Mobile Devices in the Classroom - Interactive Flat Screens

    Mobile Devices in The Classroom – Embracing The Revolution

    A revolution in the classroom is underway. Learning is becoming increasingly learner centred and differentiated. Like it or not, the old pedagogical model is being replaced by a blended approach which allows the pupil greater freedom in choosing what they want to learn and to do it at their own pace. Mobile Devices In The Classroom The advent of mobile devices such as iPads and tablets has opened up exciting new possibilities for education. Many…

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