• How to Clevertouch - Video Guide to Clevertouch - Interactive Flatscreens Ireland

    How To Clevertouch – Video Guide to Clevertouch

    We here at IFS we are dedicated to providing an excellent service throughout a products life for our clients. Our contact doesn’t end at the point of sale and we are always on hand for help, advice and AV maintenance. With this in mind, we wanted to create a variety of posts with How to Guides for our Clevertouch interactive flat screen range. They couldn’t be easier or more fluid to use and we want…

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  • EPSON Projector Dealer Ireland 2020 - Interactive Flatscreen

    EPSON Projector Dealer Ireland 2020 – Winners!

    It is with immense pleasure that we announce our parent company Toomey Audio Visual has won the prestigious EPSON Project Dealer Ireland 2020 award. A Proud Moment In what is possibly the hardest year in recent memory for many of us around the globe in 2020 it is an even prouder moment to know the hard work we’ve been putting in behind the scenes to help as many schools as possible to realise their digital…

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  • ICT Installation Funding Extension Irish Goverment - Toomey

    ICT Installation Funding Extension

    Here at IFS, we have been avid advocates of the implementation of digital learning in schools. The sooner technology is implemented the sooner it can have a positive impact not only on a student’s academic path but also their future prospects and technology literacy. The Minister for Education Norma Foley TD announced recently of a new €50m grant scheme for primary and post-primary schools to help implement a digital technology infrastructure. Importance of Digital Learning…

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  • New Year - New Digital Opportunities - Interactive Flatscreens

    New Year, New Digital Opportunities

    What a year 2020 was. We at IFS, along with most people globally, are glad to see the back of it. Unfortunately, Covid-19 has followed us in to 2021. But we have learned better how to live and cope with it. Our aim is to give schools the best chance of running safely and effectively in 2021. The new line of Clevertouch Interactive Flat Screens that were announced last year were a highlight for us…

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  • Clevertouch Impact Range - Feature List - Interactive Flatscreen Schools Ireland

    Clevertouch Impact Range Feature List

    Clevertouch have released their new range of interactive flatscreens. The Impact series comes in 2 variants, the Impact and the Impact Plus and in this post we’ll have a look at the range of features they contain. Clevertouch Impact Features They new Clevertouch Impact range comes in a variety of sizes starting from 65”, 75” & 86”, with the Plus having the additional 55” panel for choice. All come with 4K resolution with the Impact…

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  • Clevertouch Impact Range - Interactive Flatscreens - Ireland

    Clevertouch Are Ready to Make an Impact, Are You?

    Clevertouch have announced their Plus and V series flatscreens are coming to the end of their lifecycle. Rather than resting on their laurels Clevertouch have made improvements on their already award winning interactive flatscreens with the launch of their new Impact and Impact Plus series. Game Changing Mobile Device Management System With the addition of the new MDM system it allows remote control of multiple screens, your IT office won’t have to attend multiple areas…

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  • Clevertouch - Mobile Device Managment - Interactive Flatscreen for Schools Ireland

    Clevertouch – New Mobile Device Management (MDM) System Deployment

    We here at IFS are delighted to reveal the new MDM software that comes with our Clevertouch screens. MDM (Mobile Device Management) allows for centralised control from remote locations. This is an exciting new advancement which comes at the perfect time with Covid-19 still rampant. Now hundreds of screens can be controlled from a remote location meaning a much safer environment. No need to have someone going around your school accessing each screen individually. Features…

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  • Interactive Flatscreens for Irish Schools - Technology

    The Home of Interactive Flatscreens for Irish Schools

    In case you don’t already know, interactiveflatscreens.ie is a division of ToomeyAV. We’ve been in the AV game for over 50 years and as the technology as evolved so have we. And, that is one of the reasons as to why we’ve dedicated an entire site to the interactive flat screen. So, why does it deserve this honour? Read on to find out. Providing an Interactive Learning Experience ToomeyAV mostly supplies schools and, of all…

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  • Digital Display Screens for Schools - Audiovisual Ireland

    Digital Display Screens for Schools

    As we slowly ease out of lockdown and return to a new kind of normality safety is of the utmost importance for teachers and students alike. The danger of Covid-19 still lurks but if we all stick to the safety protocols in place then we can eradicate it sooner. But while it’s still hovering unchecked, we will fight it at every stop, including digital display screens for schools. Digital Signage for a Consistent Message With…

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  • New Clevertouch Screens - Impact and Impact Plus Range - Interactive Flatscreens Ireland

    New Clevertouch Screens For Your School – The Impact & Impact Plus

    The award winning Clevertouch recently revealed some brand new, innovative interactive flatscreens models – the Impact & Impact Plus. We couldn’t be happier to have the latest in the Clevertouch range available to us and you. If you thought previous models were intuitive, wait until you see these puppies in action. Clevertouch Impact & Impact Plus Range Sizing The Clevertouch Impact & Impact Plus range is available in 3 sizes, 65”, 75” and 86” meaning…

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