Clevertouch 75 Impact Gen 2 - Interactive Panel Classroom

The Clevertouch 75” Impact Gen 2 Interactive Panel – The New Classroom Standard

We at have proudly showcased some of the best interactive flatscreens the industry has had to offer. We have worked with this technology longer than we can remember. It’s not often we are left speechless but with the new Clevertough 75” Impact Gen 2 Interactive Panel it’s done just that. Designed by teachers, for teachers it is an intuitively fluid and collaborative experience to behold. With a 4K screen and loaded with new and timeless features to make your lessons memorable for all.

Impact 2 – The Ideal Interactive Flatscreen for Schools

The Impact 2 is the ideal all around interactive flatscreen for schools eager to step into the future. Connectivity, as always, is top notch on this model with a variety of devices able to connect as well as the option to cast from PC, laptop, Mac, Chromebook, android and iPad tablets and mobile phones. With high precision technology, LYNX, Cleverstore and Snowflake software the Impact gives so many options it’s hard not to get excited at how easy and time saving this can be for users. Gliding between menus and apps is effortless and intuitive. Your Cloud accounts can be accessed very easily too. We can honestly say we have put this Impact Gen 2 through its paces and it has come out on top of all other models in every regard.

Impact 2 - Cast Option Interactive Flatscreen

Impact Generation 2 Panel – New Features

The Impact Generation 2 Panel has the following great features as standard:

  • Built in Array Microphone – Great Voice Pick up for Audio & Video calls
  • 3GB RAM / 32GB ROM – Doubled in size from Gen 1
  • Latest Generation USB-C – The latest connectivity
  • Cleverstore – Access hundreds of free teaching apps to make lessons more engaging.
  • LUX 8.0 – Easy to use interface. Simple, quick, intuitive apps and gestures designed to make everyday tasks seamless.
  • Infinity Whiteboarding – Never run out of space with our infinite canvas. With numeracy tools, handwriting-to-text recognition, and the ability to insert images and shapes.
  • Quick Launch Menu – for instant teaching tools
  • Remote Management – View, control, update and troubleshoot remotely. Remote Management gives your IT department the ability to work on your Clevertouch screen without needing to visit your classroom.
  • Cloud Accounts – Sync with your Cloud accounts so that you can work anywhere at any time.
  • Audio – 2 x 15W speakers for crystal clear sound quality from anywhere in the room
  • Connectivity– Huge connectivity including one of the latest USB-C ports. Allows single cable connection for audio, video, and touch.

Best Interactive Flatscreen for Irish Schools

Clevertouch 75” Impact Gen 2 Interactive Panel – Available Now

The Impact 2 speaks for itself. If you would like more information then please give us a call on 01 4660515 or contact us online and our team would gladly help.

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