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In case you don’t already know, is a division of ToomeyAV. We’ve been in the AV game for over 50 years and as the technology as evolved so have we. And, that is one of the reasons as to why we’ve dedicated an entire site to the interactive flat screen. So, why does it deserve this honour? Read on to find out.

Providing an Interactive Learning Experience

ToomeyAV mostly supplies schools and, of all the gear we provide, the interactive touch screen is making the biggest impact in terms of changing the way education in the classroom works. It is inevitable that the traditional pedagogical model of learning is being replaced by a more enlightened, pupil centred approach. The interactive touch screen is helping to speed this process up by providing an interactive learning experience. This can be done directly through the machine’s interface or through smaller handheld devices such as iPads and tablets that are connected to the interactive panel, which is giving rise to the BYOD movement.

The Interactive Flat Screen is Helping Teachers

The interactive flat screen is helping to free up the teacher so they can spend more time with individual students. The pupil centred approach also means that the teacher’s role is changing from educator to facilitator. Any teacher who takes their job seriously will welcome these changes. Self-education is a very fine thing and it must be very rewarding and satisfying for the teacher to help make it happen. Without the interactive flat screen, it would be more difficult for the joy of self-learning to occur.

Interactive Screens Help Teachers - Ireland

Interactive Learning Empowered by Software

The interactive touch screen is a very powerful piece of technology. Not only does it help make interactive learning occur through a suite of software, it can access the internet and make connecting with other classrooms around the world fast, easy and fun.

Interactive Flatscreen - Software - Apps - Irish Schools

The Advent of the Interactive Touch Panel

Things progress. Technology advances and the world is in a constant state of transformation. This is very evident in the classroom with the advent of the interactive touch panel. What will replace this machine in the future? It is very hard to answer this question as it has so many pros. Not only is it powerful and high performing, it looks good and is safe and secure. Plus, it is easy to install, and, like any tablet, it is very user friendly.

Irish Schools Embrace Interactive Flatscreens for Teachers

Schools Are Embracing The Interactive Flat Screen Revolution

So, these are the reasons why we’ve dedicated a whole site to the interactive flat screen. It is truly a stellar product and we are very proud to be associated with it. If you want to join the growing number of schools that are embracing the interactive flat screen revolution, give us a call now on +353 1 466 0515 or contact us online and we’ll chat about the make and model that suits you best. We promise that your classroom will never be the same again because we know this product so well and the feed-back we are getting from across the country tells us that that machine is working wonders for both teachers and pupils.

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