Clevertouch Interactive Flatscreen for Primary Schools

Clevertouch Interactive Flat Screens for Primary Schools

The Clevertouch interactive flat screen is by far the best flat screen on the market today. In primary schools across the country, pupils are benefiting from the incredible power and versatility of the Clevertouch device. We are proud of the fact that many of these schools turned to us for advice and guidance regarding the touch screen, before buying from us as well.

What Is So Great About the Clevertouch

So, what is so great about the Clevertouch? In what ways is it powerful and versatile? And why is it particularly suitable for primary education? Check out the video for a look at how the interactive panel has transformed the learning environment for both pupils and teachers at a primary school in England. Or, just read on!

The Innovation That Clevertouch Brings to the Classroom

Probably the greatest innovation the Clevertouch flat screen brings to the classroom is interactivity. These days schools must keep up with the technology used by their pupils outside the classroom. The digital age has brought with it many transformations and benefits but probably the most far reaching one is the ability to interact with content. The classroom needs to stay abreast of the technology that is being used daily by pupils and this is what Clevertouch aims to do. The interactive flat panel for schools is basically a giant iPad or tablet, on which you can manipulate and interact with content easily. The flat screen has the same intuitive interface as a tablet, so it is incredibly easy to operate.

Clevertouch Interactive Flatscreen Innovation for for Primary Schools Ireland

The Future of Primary Education

The interactive flat screen is the next step in the evolution of the classroom or learning environment. When compared to the interactive whiteboard and interactive projector, it’s clear this powerful technology is the future of primary education. Gone are the days of having to recalibrate the projector daily. Of having to darken the room and move pupils about so that everyone can view the screen. Of ensuring that no-one gets in the way of the projector. And of having to wipe off dust frequently to make the image clearer. The interactive flat screen requires none of the above.

Upload Your Own Lesson and Deliver It To Your Pupils

Clevertouch flat panels make life easier for the teacher and pupil both. Through Snowflake, one of the award winning Clevertouch apps, the teacher can choose and access any course he / she wants. There are thousands of lessons available. But the real beauty of Snowflake is the fact  that you can upload your own lesson and deliver it to your pupils any time.

Clevertouch Interactive Screens – Both Big & Clever

Education is so much more fun and exciting than it used to be and Clevertouch is at the locus of the changes occurring in the classroom that make this so. The Clevertouch interactive screen is both big and clever but there is no need to be intimidated by it. It is just like a giant iPhone or tablet, so it needn’t be scary for either teacher or pupil. The interactive flat screen is particularly suitable for primary level education for the simple reason that it is fun. It’s important to get children into the habit of learning while they are still young and the best way to do this is by associating it with fun and pleasure. The concept of ‘play’ is a key one for those who study early learning and, if it does nothing else, the flat screen facilitates fun and play and games – BYOD is upon us!

Clevertouch for Primary Schools in Ireland - Interactive Flat Screens

Clevertouch For Primary Schools in Ireland

If you are considering investing in one of these devices, please don’t hesitate to contact us today and we can talk about it. The Clevertouch brand is synonymous with quality and robustness and we are proud to be associated with the name and supplying them to both primary and secondary schools all around Ireland. If you are thinking of buying an interactive panel give us a call now on +353 1 466 0515 or contact us online for more info!

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