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New Clevertouch Screens For Your School – The Impact & Impact Plus

The award winning Clevertouch recently revealed some brand new, innovative interactive flatscreens models – the Impact & Impact Plus. We couldn’t be happier to have the latest in the Clevertouch range available to us and you. If you thought previous models were intuitive, wait until you see these puppies in action.

Clevertouch Impact Range Size - Irish Schools

Clevertouch Impact & Impact Plus Range Sizing

The Clevertouch Impact & Impact Plus range is available in 3 sizes, 65”, 75” and 86” meaning no matter what model you decide on your classrooms will have a sufficiently large screen for total immersive engagement. Available as standard 4K, the PLUS range features a native 4K android platform, enhanced audio with bass bin as well as motion sensor, array microphone, and an amazingly comfortable stylus.

Maximising Class Time for Students

Now things are slowly getting back to normality for society and schools as COVID-19 seems to be receding we have to look at maximising time with children in classrooms and fully allowing them their fair chance at using the best form of technology for teaching and knowledge absorption. That is resoundingly interactive flatscreens which, time and time again, research has shown enhances children’s ability to retain knowledge of lessons but also allows teachers much more fluidity to lessons.

Digital Signage with Clevermessage - Clevertouch for Schools Ireland

Digital Signage with CleverMessage

The new Clevertouch models come with a seamless messaging system CleverMessage which allows instant messaging between screens collectively or to individual screens, turning your interactive screens into a digital signage system. They also come with a new USC-C port which enables the smooth transition between tablet and Clevertouch screen. Now you can send audio, video and touch through this new connection, all whilst it charges your tablet.

Clevertouch OS Options – Android or Windows

There is also the option to switch seamlessly between operating systems. Android is the standard OS for the Clevertouch but you can switch to Windows 10 if that’s what your school prefers. Clevertouch have thought of everything to ensure the easiest of transitions for both teachers and students alike.

Customise Your Clevertouch

Customisation is a major feature of our screens as you can create your own digital messages, screensavers or reminders when the screens aren’t in use for lessons. A nice welcome message to potential new students would instantly be appreciated and noticed. Teachers can also create profiles, all of which will be saved and can be used on any screen throughout the school. A teacher never needs to be static teaching in the one room.

Clevertouch Impact and Impact Plus Range - Interactive Flatscreens for Irish Schools

Clevertouch Impact & Impact Plus Range – Available Now

If you want to find out more about these beautiful new machines, don’t hesitate to give us a call on +353 1 4660515 or contact us online and we’ll be happy to advise you as objectively and transparently as possible.

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