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The M-Touch Interactive Flat Screen – Excellent and Affordable

Here at IFS.ie, we talk a lot about interactive flat screens. This is to be expected as it is our business, after-all. The screens that we talk a lot about are the Clevertouch and the Promethean Activpanel. But there is another brand, somewhat of a dark horse, that we haven’t talked much about. Until now. That brand is the M-Touch.

The M-Touch Flat Panel Is Feature Rich & Affordable

The M-Touch flat panel is feature rich and affordable. Sometimes the Clevertouch and Promethean panels can be too expensive and so the M-Touch is a more affordable solution. There are some ways that it falls short of the more expensive machines but for the price it really is a great deal. That is why we have selected it for our range and you can be certain that the M-Touch will deliver in all the ways that matter.

M-Touch Interactive Flat Screen for Schools Ireland

Features The M-Touch Shares With The Clevertouh & Promethean

The M-Touch Interactive screen has all the core benefits of the Clevertouch and Promethean – no maintenance, no lamps and no filters needed. Connectivity that far surpasses the humble projector and it can be used with curtains open or lights on. These are some of the features the M-Touch shares with the Clevertouch and Promethean models. Now let’s tale a look at the specifics of the high-quality M Touch alternative.

  • 10-point touch, toughened anti-glare glass
  • 4k ultra HD resolution
  • Freeze frame and other key features with remote control
  • 5 year install and de-install warranty
  • Can run in portrait or landscape
  • Whiteboard mode
  • Runs on Android 7.1.2

Features Unique to the M-Touch

Impressed? Well, you might be even more impressed when we tell you that two of these features are unique to the M-Touch: being able to run in portrait or landscape, and the whiteboard mode. However, in our opinion, the best feature is the 5-year onsite warranty. This warranty is handled directly by experts on the ground in Ireland, so that, if something goes wrong, AV technicians will travel to your school and fix the problem in the classroom.

M-Touch Interactive Flatscreen Schools - Ireland

A Quality Interactive Flat Screen for Schools – M-Touch

The M-Touch proves that it is possible to get a quality interactive flat screen at a price that is lower than the Clevertouch and Promethean models. We are happy to supply this product to schools around Ireland so that they can embrace the ICT revolution. To find out more about M-Touch then give us a call now on +353 1 466 0515 or contact us online to find out more!

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