Large Mobile Interactive Screens for PE Departments Ireland

Large Mobile Interactive Screens for PE Departments

The importance of interactive technology for PE class in educational institutions should not be underestimated. Physical education is concerned with the human body and how to look after it, especially through sports and other physical exercises. There are so many lessons and videos out there about the human body and how to maintain it, that an interactive touch screen will make life a lot easier for the PE teacher / instructor.

Mobility Is A Factor In The Interactive Flat Screen

So, the screen needs to be interactive, that’s a given but it also needs to be mobile. A mobile screen that can be moved to and from the sports hall or gym makes a lot of sense economically. Being able to move the screen around the hall also makes teaching easier and even more fun. Unlike in a regular classroom, PE requires that students move about, so mobility is an important factor in the interactive flat screen.

Mobile Interactive Flat Screens for Schools

A Large Screen Also Makes Sense

Buying a large screen also makes sense. Often, PE requires students to be scattered about e.g. when playing a game or sport. If you want them all to see the content clearly and understand why it is being displayed to them then the screen must be large.

Making PE Even More Fun & Engaging

PE is one of the oldest subjects that is taught in schools. It never goes out of fashion and there is no fear of it dying out, like other Classical subjects such as Greek or Latin. And, with the recent introduction of the grant scheme for digital PE equipment it looks like PE is going nowhere anytime soon! This is because of its special status as a school subject. PE requires pupils to be physically active. No other school subject is like this. It also involves sports and physical games. In other words, play. It provides a release from the stress and effort of learning in the classroom. This is not to say that there is no discipline involved. Only that disciplining the body is a nice break from disciplining the mind. The large mobile interactive flat screen will make PE even more fun and engaging.

Used and Taught in PE Halls Across Ireland

There are many systems for disciplining the body and they all work well in their own way. Tai Chi, yoga and martial arts are amongst the most popular ones. Not only do they teach you how to look after the body, they are a glimpse into other cultures, which is always welcome in education. These systems are increasingly being used and taught in PE halls across Ireland. Not only are they good for the body, they are good for the mind. And, indeed, this can be said of all physical exercise.

Interactive Flat Screens Helping Education

The Large Interactive Flat Screen Is There To Help

So, it is fair to say that the PE teacher has a lot on their hands as the subject involves so many different aspects and areas, unlike other school disciplines. It is challenging but the teacher is not alone. The large interactive flat screen is there to help teachers meet this challenge. PE has always been fun but, with the advent of the IFS, it has just gotten a whole lot more fun. To avail of this fantastic new technology, please give us a call on +353 1 466 0515 or contact us online today and we will provide everything you need.

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