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ICT Installation Funding Extension

Here at IFS, we have been avid advocates of the implementation of digital learning in schools. The sooner technology is implemented the sooner it can have a positive impact not only on a student’s academic path but also their future prospects and technology literacy. The Minister for Education Norma Foley TD announced recently of a new €50m grant scheme for primary and post-primary schools to help implement a digital technology infrastructure.

The Importance of Digital Learning Irish Schools - Interactive Flatsceens

Importance of Digital Learning

With the pandemic rampant and changing our normal existence it’s vital schools follow suit in protecting their students and teacher’s health as well as futures. “There is little doubt that the potential and importance of digital learning and the use of digital technologies has come into sharper focus in light of recent experiences. Digital learning is an essential component of a modern curriculum, and this funding will help schools to equip their students with the skills and competencies they will need to thrive.” Minister Foley announces.

Interactive Flat Screens for Schools

We at IFS can supply your schools with our award winning Clevertouch range of Interactive Flatscreens which are known for creating a seamless learning experience for students. Following Norma Foley TD’s words, research indicates benefits of an interactive learning experience are more flexibility, more student engagement and participation, better computer literacy, and an Interactive Flat Screen also gives all children a level playing field regardless of socioeconomics.

Investing in Education

Norma Foley TD added “Investment in education is one of this government’s top priorities. I am delighted to announce this funding today to assist schools to support their digital technology programmes, as well as broader teaching and learning.” Your school can benefit hugely from this grant scheme and we’re happy to help walk you through your options.

Upgrade School ICT - Grants for Schools - Interactive Flatscreens Ireland

Upgrade Your Schools ICT

So if you think this is something you and your school would like to explore then please get in touch and our expert team will guide you. Give us a call +353 1 4660515 or contact us online for further information.

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