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How To Clevertouch – Clevertouch Whiteboard App

Continuing on with our How to Guides for the Clevertouch range we here at Toomey AV wanted to cover the flexibility you will have at your fingertips, literally, with the Whiteboard App on our Clevertouch panels.

How To Use The Whiteboard App

The Clevertouch panels boast a large variety of features and some of those features themselves boast an array of tools for an easy experience for the user. Below are some of the features of the Whiteboard App:

  • Stylus and hand input with multiple touch points allowed.
  • Convert annotation to text.
  • Varying text/touch sizes as well as colour.
  • Specific hand touch erase or clear all feature.
  • Create multiple slides.
  • Maths tool converts basic sums for you.
  • Shapes tool offers multiple shapes and again colours.
  • Both 2D and 3D shapes are available.
  • Change your background to your needs from music sheets to sports tactics backgrounds in any colour.
  • A save feature allows you to save directly to the Clevertouch panel or to your Cloud account.
  • QR code scanner allows other devices to scan code and send images/files between panel and device for easy access wherever you need.

Clevertouch Whiteboard App Features

As you can see, the Clevertouch Whiteboard App comes with an abundance of features at your disposal and our handy video below shows just how easy it is to navigate between all the available options on the Clevertouch panels Whiteboard app.

Clevertouch Range Irish Schools - Interactive Flatscreens

Clevertouch Range for Schools

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