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How To Clevertouch – Connecting A Visualiser

As we continue with our handy guides to help people navigate their Clevertouch panels another of our aims was to help those that haven’t yet decided to take the Clevertouch plunge. We at IFS hope with our How to Guides those interested will see how flexible and vast the applications can be with the Clevertouch range. Today, our focus is on how to connect a visualiser. Not only connection tips but also how to navigate and use the Visualiser when connected.

Visualiers and Clevertouch

The Visualiser is a great attachment to have in your tech arsenal. It adds another dimension to the Clevertouch panel and here is a list of uses for a visualiser:

  • Displaying Artwork
  • Using zoom feature objects can be studied in greater detail
  • Reading a book as a group with students
  • Assisting visually impaired pupils with larger text
  • Displaying “delicate” texts such as historical documents/maps/photos
  • Collating several images for a presentation
  • Saves on photocopying (a page on a book without damaging the spine)
  • Modelling / Showing how to do something or make something
  • Demonstrate a science experiment

How To Connect A Visualiser to Clevertouch

As you can see from this list, which is just a small amount of uses, there are a variety of ways you can engage with a visualiser for your class of students. There are also a couple of ways you can connect your visualiser. One, you can directly connect to the Clevertouch panel through USB. The second way is to connect to your laptop and go to the relevant Visualiser app on the Clevertouch panel. Below is a video showing you exactly how you can connect the visualiser with both methods.

Clevertouch Range Irish Schools - Interactive Flatscreens

Clevertouch Range for Schools

We hope you have found these guides helpful as we try our best to make sure each and every client is fully confident in using our products. Even the most tech shy people find the Clevertouch range easy to use once they get over their worry of a new piece of technology. Hopefully our How to Guides have eased any concerns and showcased just how simple and easy it is to navigate the Clevertouch panels. If you would like to see more How to Guides or a How to on a specific feature of the Clevertouch range then please give us a call on +353 1 4660515 or contact us online and our expert team would be delighted to answer your questions and talk you through options.

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