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How To Clevertouch – Active & Files Apps

If the pandemic taught us anything it’s how to adapt. That couldn’t be truer for teachers and students alike. Teachers found it a struggle to conduct lessons on video calls. Seeing their students and the lesson plans proved tricky. This is where screen sharing or dual screens came in handy for them. Across the globe government programs, especially in the US, allowed for teachers to apply for grants to buy software or extra monitors to allow for better execution of lessons. Now classrooms are getting back to normal, dual screens are here to enhance even the classroom.

How To Use The Active App

With the Clevertouch panels you can use the Active app which allows for two apps to appear side by side on the screen. Be that an educational app with the browser or another app or files, you can mix it up to suit your needs and your students. The below video shows just how easy it is to navigate the interactive flatscreen:

How To Use The Clevertouch Files App

The Files app allows you three options for save files. You have the inbuilt memory on the Clevertouch panel. The second is the files you have saved to the Cloud. And lastly, you can connect any USB memory device and access the files easily. You just select the option you wish to access from the touchscreen. You also have the option of transferring files from your USB stick to the panels internal memory or your Cloud account as well as having the available file types such as Word, Excel etc. Our video shows just how easy it is to navigate the Files app and your work:

Clevertouch Range Irish Schools - Interactive Flatscreens

Clevertouch Range for Schools

As we come to the end of our How to Guides on our interactive flat screen Clevertouch range we’d love to hear feedback from you. If you found them helpful. If you would like to see more in this series. What topics you would like covered. And above all if you would like more information on the Clevertouch range. We assure you we will offer an unbiased range of options that cater to you and your schools needs. So if you would like to chat to us more then please call us on +353 1 4660515 or contact us online.

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