Getting The Most Out Of Your Interactive Flat Screen

Getting The Most Out Of Your Interactive Flat Screen

ICT in the Classroom

ICT has arrived in the classroom and there is no going back. Computers are no longer confined to the ‘computer’ room. The interactive flat screen and the hand-held device are the new whiteboard and copy book. But teachers are only beginning to learn how to make the most of this new technology. Some might say that it is enough to provide the technology and let the learning happen organically or, in other words, hope for the best. But the potential of these devices for assisting in learning is awesome, which is why teachers should be fully trained up in how to make the most of them.

A good example of just how much you can do with ICT in the classroom is the way it facilitates the learning of science subjects.

ClassFlow App for Interactive Flat Screens

A Dynamic Flow of Information – ClassFlow

Through use of powerful learning apps, such as ClassFlow, science is made easier and more attractive to students. With ClassFlow you can create a dynamic flow of information between interactive flat screen and student devices which leads to greater interaction and engagement. Of course, a large part of learning many science subjects involves conducting experiments. Through use of ICT, students can conduct virtual experiments. They are no longer limited by physical circumstances. ClassFlow also allows you to create graphs and plot data. You can integrate digital content, such as videos, into lessons quickly and easily. You can customize content, tasks, and lessons to suit the abilities of individual pupils or groups of pupils. You can create interactive polls, quizzes and team-based activities. These are just some of the ways ClassFlow facilitates scientific learning and makes it easier and more fun.

Unleashing the Power of the Interactive Flat Screen

It should be remembered that science is not just about observation. It is also about imagination. It is about curiosity and inquiry. It is about discovery. Having instant access to content and being able to interact with and manipulate it stimulates both the intellect and the imagination, which is why ICT has such an important role to play in teaching science in the classroom. But this also applies to Arts subjects such as history, geography, English etc. Unleashing the power of the interactive flat screen will revolutionize the way all subjects are taught in the learning environment.

Power of Interactive Flat Screens for Learning

Getting Value for Money

So, it is not enough to purchase an interactive flat screen and use it as you would a whiteboard. It is designed to do so much more, and it will make your life as a teacher a lot easier if you learn about what it was made to do. Getting the most out of your touch panel means getting value for money and here at Toomey AV we know just how much value there is in these machines. So, give us a call on +353 1 466 0515 or contact us online today and we can talk about introducing this powerful, versatile technology into your school.

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