CleverTouch For Business – CleverTouch PRO Series

The CLEVERTOUCH Pro Series is a highly versatile interactive touchscreen that can be used in a wide variety of professional settings including reception areas, hospitals, universities, meeting rooms and collaborative areas.

Clevertouch for Business - Clevertouch Pro Series Ireland

Despite being much more than a powerful interactive touchscreen, the Pro Series is remarkably easy to use, thanks to its amazing LUX user interface. Furthermore, it requires no set-up or calibration, has full access to the internet and can display a variety of files without the need to connect additional hardware.

Whilst collaboration and screen sharing are at the heart of the Pro Series, a variety of integrated business apps provide unequalled flexibility. With a wide selection of common-sense connectivity the Pro Series can find an invaluable role in many businesses, and provide a wonderful interactive experience for employees and customers.

The Pro also comes with a number of accessories to enhance the overall experience.  For example, with the Clevershare wireless device you can control the Clevertouch Pro from anywhere in the room – simply plug the Clevershare into your laptop’s USB port and you can show and edit your laptop’s content on the Clevertouch screen.

The Clevertouch Pro is built without compromise. An all metal frame, 4mm safety glass, and a 5 year de-install/re-install warranty guarantees your Clevertouch will be enhancing your workspace for many years

Features Of the CleverTouch PRO Series

Interactive Flatscreens Ireland

Toughened anti glare glass
strong bezel,
& five year warranty.

Interactive Flatscreens Ireland

LUX user interface – a
better experience with
every touch.

Interactive Flatscreens Ireland
Multi Touch

Up to 10 point multi touch
gesture and
writing capability.

Interactive Flatscreens Ireland
4K Ultra HD

Spectacular 4K
ultra high definition,
high brightness display.

Interactive Flatscreens Ireland

HDMI, VGA, Audio,
USB, RS232,
LAN & more.

Interactive Flatscreens Ireland
No Shadow

Unlike interactive
whiteboards and
projector solutions.

Clevertouch for Business - ClevertouchPro Featuring Montage
Clevertouch for Business -Clevertouch Pro Series Ireland

Now it’s time to communicate
in the digital age.

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