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CleverTouch Browser

Training Video Overview:

This video explains the inbuilt Browser which is on ALL CLEVERTOUCH units. Learn how to browse the internet without having a laptop connected. Use the floating widget to annotate over web pages and to zoom in and out of web pages to highlight detail.

1 min 50 secs

Clevertouch Browser Training Video Transcript

For you convenience you can find a full transcript of this Clevertouch Training video below.

Using the Inbuilt CleverTouch Browser

This panel has an internet connection, that connection can be either wired or wireless. This allows us to go directly into the browser even if we don’t have a laptop connected. What we’re seeing here is the default homepage but this can be set to one of your choice. You can pan through the contents of any site. You can hit the new tab and go to other sites. On this particular page we can use the floating widget to annotate and draw attention to some content. We can choose to keep or discard that annotation. Equally, if there is a part of that page that we need to focus on, again from the widget, we can choose to zoom using these manual controllers. Zooming in and out and leaving the zoom, and when we’re finished simply pressing the “Home” button to exit the browser.


Download PDF: Get a PDF version of the transcript on Using the Inbuilt Clevertouch Browser.

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