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We supply professional education-focused training for all Interactive solutions. Interactive Flatscreens (IFS), Interacitve Whiteboards (IWB’s) and Interactive Projectors. We also supply bespoke training for most educational software packages. Training can generally be provided nationwide. Contact us for pricing and further information.

Interactive Flatscreens have compiled a library of training videos on how to get the most out of the Clevertouch Interactive Touch Screen Technology. The videos will guide you through some of the basic features of the technology as well as show you some of the more advanced elements and how you can use them.

We add to our training video library regularly and if you have any requests for future videos please Contact Us and let us know.

Clevertouch Training Video Overview - Interactive Flat screens Dublin

ClevertTouch Overview : Video 001

The first video in the series gives you a quick overview of the Clevertouch technology.

Video Length: 1 min 41 secs

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How to Install Apps - Clevertouch - Flat screen - Dublin

How To Install Apps : Video 002

This video gives you an overview of the APP store on the PLUS range of Clevertouch Interactive flat screens. Find out how browse APPS, select, download and install an APP.

Video Length: 2 min 38 secs

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Clevertouch Browser Training Video - Interactive Flat Screens Dublin

Clevertouch Browser : Video 003

This video gives you an overview of the Clevertouch built in Browser. Find out how to Browse, Annotate and Zoom using the floating widget.

Video Length: 1 min 50 secs

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How to Use CleverNote - Clevertouch Training Video

How To Use CleverNote : Video 004

This video in the series gives you an overview of the CLEVERNOTE APP. Find out how to write, erase, insert an image and save.

Video Length: 3 mins 25 secs

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How to Use Geogebra App - Clevertouch Training Video - Interactive Flatscreen Dublin

CleverTouch Geogebra App : Video 005

This video gives you an overview of the GEOGEBRA APP which is a great app for teaching kids maths.

Video Length: 2 mins 32 secs

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How to take a photo with the clevertouch camera app

How to Take A Photo : Video 006

This video in the series gives you an overview of the Clevertouch Camera App. Find out how to connect a visualiser, take a photo and find the saved photo.

Video Length: 1 min 43 secs

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How to Use The Clevertouch File Finder - Interactive Flat Screen Dublin

CleverTouch File Finder : Video 007

Learn how to use File Finder on a Clevertouch display. View contents of both internal and USB storage.

Video Length: 5 mins 30 secs

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how to control the Clevertouch screen remotely with EShare - Interactive Flat Screen Dublin

Control The CleverTouch Remotely : Video 008

Learn how to connect a device to the CLEVERTOUCH display using the EShare APP. Mirror content form a CLEVERTOUCH to a tablet.

Video Length: 6 min 28 secs

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How to Connect a Laptop to Clevertouch - Interactive Flat Screens Dublin

Connecting A Laptop to CleverTouch : Video 009

How to use Picture in Picture (PIP) on a CLEVERTOUCH Interactive Flatscreen. Learn how to display an external hardware device within the Clevertouch window.
Video Length: 1 mins 49 secs

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Clevertouch Tips - Interactive Flat Screens

CleverTouch Tips : Video 010

Save time and learn some useful CLEVERTOUCH Tips & Tricks with this training video.

Video Length: 4 min 22 secs

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