How to Connect a Laptop to Clevertouch - Interactive Flat Screens Dublin

Connect A Laptop To CleverTouch (PIP)

Training Video Overview:

How to use Picture in Picture (PIP) on a CLEVERTOUCH Interactive Flatscreen. Learn how to display an external hardware device within the Clevertouch window.
The PIP display opens within another window which can be repositioned or run in full screen.

Video Length: 1 min 49 secs

Connect A Laptop To CleverTouch (PIP) Training Video Transcript

For you convenience you can find a full transcript of this Clevertouch Training video below.

Connect A Laptop To CleverTouch (PIP)

Picture-in-picture allows you to look at some external devices. In this case if I tap once, you can see that we do have a laptop connected via HDMI 3. You might require a laptop if you’re running a specific application that won’t run on the Clever Board and if you want to capture that content. We can also do the same back inside CleverNote. Our picture-in-picture mode here allows us to take that same external content but now we can reposition that window. We can make that go full screen, and we can revert with the “Back” button. And when we’re finished, we can just go home.

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